Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mormon Poet's Roll

Why? (Project beginnings and [sort of] rationale)

* * * *

Aitken, Neil. “Forgetting to Fill Up in Saskatoon.”

Bailey, S. P. “Spark.”

Bennion, Mark. “Still Life.”

Brian, Marie. “Spindrift.”

Bushman-Carlton, Marilyn. “Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major.”

Card, Orson Scott. “Letters.”

Chadwick, Tyler. “Submerged: Two Variations on Serrano's Piss Christ (Part I: In Memoriam).” (Only because I talk about more than myself. Really.)

Collings, Michael. “Legacy.” (Alas: this poem's no longer available online, though my reading is. I guess that's the nature of the dynamic beast we call the Internet.)

Cornett, Johnna Benson. “Origami Birds.”

Cranford, Elizabeth. “The Semantics of Blessings.”

Earley, Deja. “Housewife for Halloween.”

Eliason, Kristen. “Arms Upon Arms To An Earth.”

England, Eugene. “The Firegiver.” “Two Trains and a Dream.”

Hatch, Warren. “The Fine and Dying Art of Shaping Light into Words.”

Johnson, Kimberly. “Ode on My Episiotomy.”

Karamesines, Patricia Gunter. “Evening Drive.”

Larsen, Lance. “Water.”

Larson, Clinton. "The City of Joseph."

Nelson, Danny. “Jacob, to Esau.”

Rees, Robert A. “Blind Tears.”

Sillitoe, Linda. "Encounter." “Lullaby in the New Year.”

Stanfill, Emily. "Then I Became Eve."

Stone, Ann. “Period.”

Stratford, Sally. “Inheritance.”

Tanner, Javen. “Eden.”

Thayne, Emma Lou. “The Rose Jar.” “Where Can I Turn for Peace?

Vause, L. Mikel. “I’ve Always Feared Rattlesnakes.”

Wellborn, Terresa. "Shedding."

Wilcox, Ronald. “Portrait of a Puritan.”

Wilkins, Laraine. “Make Yourself at Home.”

Young, Darlene L. “Washing Mother.”

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