Tuesday, April 21, 2009

S.P. Bailey: "Spark"

I thought I'd go with something short today: "Spark" by S.P. (Shawn) Bailey, a fellow AMV contributor. But even though it's short, it has potential for diverse readings, even moreso, I think, because it's not punctuated. This places greater emphasis on the words themselves and invites readers to contemplate how these words work together as a series of signs and sounds, arranged by the poet, I presume, to give maximum reading pleasure. As such, it should probably be read aloud to provide the fullest lyric effect.

Short of posting a reading here and since I'm not feeling particularly like blogging today, I'll let you piece the lyric puzzle together yourself, save to point out that the ambiguity initiated by the form adds to the tone cast by a glance given in "earnest" (line 5) of a relationship between bodies that spark with passion.

Shawn has links to some other poems posted here.

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