Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Javen Tanner: "Eden" (on AMV)

I've posted today's poem and (essay-length) commentary at Motley Vision. Here's the note I begin that post with:

Some time ago, I mentioned to Theric during his series on the erotic in LDS literature and to MoJo shortly thereafter that I was on the verge of tackling something similar. I finally teetered over that edge and this essay ["'I Took It To Mean': An Ethics of Textual Intimacy"]---this rhetorical attempt---in which I grapple with the moral/spiritual uses of eroticism (of reading erotic texts, of reading with an erotic bend, etc.), is the result. I read it at the Intermountain Graduate Conference held last Saturday (April 11) at Idaho State and it was well received by the seven others who were in the room.

In view of the fact that part of this textual performance centers on a reading of Javen Tanner's poem, "Eden" and that my Mormonness serves as a backdrop to my words, I'm posting it here [on AMV] as part of the Mormon Poetry Project I've been chasing all month.


Stop by. Come see me swim through the sensuality of language, the connection between flesh and words, words and flesh and the morality of reading with an eye toward human sexuality (double entendre included).

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