Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rain (Poem): Revisited

Yesterday as I was driving home from dropping daughter number one off at school (we missed the bus) and thinking about the rain and how I haven't been writing much poetry lately---check that: haven't been writing any poetry lately---I remembered the rain poem I posted last July and thought I'd throw you back to last summer, though not because I think the poem's great (don't know if I'll take it beyond it's present state or not) and want to know what my loyal readers think (though that is always a bonus), but mostly because I feel compelled to post something and linking to a previous post (y'know, when I wasn't such a popular bloggy destination) is a simple way to do that; that, and I wanted to write this really long sentence couched with numerous parentheticals that make it sound like I'm carrying on a conversation with myself.

Yeah. That's what I meant to do.

That and autumn's here. So bring on the rain.