Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Speak and Bear (T)witness: My #ldsconf Experience and Resolves

Just for the hang of it Saturday morning, I jumped into my Twitter account to see what was going on in the microblogging world. I thought there might be some chatter about General Conference, but didn't expect that I'd get swept up in the collaborative hashtag project affectionately known to Mormon Tweeters as #ldsconf. Before I knew it, though, I was experiencing Conference in a way I've never experienced before: as a collaborative knowledge building exercise in which minds and hearts from around Twit-dom were engaged. Tweets ranged from direct quotations (or approximations thereof) of speakers' words to retweets of the same to personal insights gained while listening to Church leaders speak. I found that I could get the most out of each message (both the talks and the tweets) by spinning main ideas and my own insights into my own language.

In the process, I was impressed with three resolves, things that came early and were rehashed through my continuing experience with watching Conference and with following the #ldsconf stream. In the interest of committing myself to be better, I'm reporting them here now:

Resolve 1: I mustn't simply know more; I must do more.

Resolve 2: Walk and talk with greater love; act and speak with greater charity. Which dovetails nicely with what was originally Resolve 4, but is now Resolve 2.1: Cultivate a greater willingness to share: myself, my possessions, my talents, my knowledge, my Faith.

Resolve 3: Cultivate greater spiritual discernment by recommitting to the small and simple things.

Nothing grand here, but these were the things I needed to hear. And live-tweeting during Conference was one thing that helped me discover and bear (t)witness of them and, thus, erect something of a support system to help me live, serve, and speak with greater resolve.

So I'll give a few cheers for my Twitterpation and tentatively submit that, so far, its benefits outweigh its drawbacks (such as the whole time-sucking vortex that is participating in a Twitter stream).

Now, off to follow my little tweety musings...

(For more on tweeting #ldsconf live, Jeff Swift has some interesting thoughts here.)