Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things Fall Apart, Redux

So last night, daughter number three refused to sleep. As it turns out, she's got her first year molars coming in, so I don't blame her for being ornery until about 5:30 this morning; but we didn't figure that out until just a few minutes ago when she tried to bite my finger. If we'd known earlier, we could have doped her up to make her sleep.


Now I'm running on just a few hours of inconstant sleep (if that) because, in addition to the one-year old that kept kicking around our bed, I dreamed in Web 2.0 about the inexpensive (read: as free as it can get) possibilities of creating a Mormon poetry e-zine. That kept me from getting anywhere near REM, especially since I kept getting jolted awake by number three's feet, fists, and jibber-jabber and by moments of clarity about my writing projects, though the ideas don't seem so clear this side of morning.

And to top that off, daughter number one didn't want to go to school because she wanted to do what she wanted to do: watch the Disney Channel(s) from dawn to dusk. After stifling her screams of distress by revoking her TV privileges, I finally dragged her to school, where I really hope she was an angel. Because if not...

Oh, and it's my wife and daughter number two's birthday today. So Happy Birthday wife and daughter number two.

I hope your day ends better than mine began.