Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rededicating myself, again and again (Svithe)

A few weeks ago, I remembered something Marion G. Romney said (okay, so I don't remember him saying it, but I remember reading it):

A few years ago as I began to practice law, members of my family were a little uneasy. They were afraid I would lose my faith. I wanted to practice law, but I had an even greater desire to keep my testimony, and so I decided upon a little procedure which I recommend to you. For thirty minutes each morning before I began the day’s work I read from the Book of Mormon [...] and in just a few minutes a day I read the Book of Mormon through, every year, for nine years. I know that it kept me in harmony, so far as I did keep in harmony, with the Spirit of the Lord. [...]

It will hold us as close to the Spirit of the Lord as anything I know. (In Conference Report, Apr. 1949, p. 36.)

Some days I get my time in; some days I don't. But I try to give myself a quality scripture experience every day so I don't wander too far astray. Because heaven knows: in my line of work, apostasy (and eccentricity) is a very real possibility.

And I really don't want to go there.

So I'm trying to cultivate my love for the Book of Mormon (and those other books too), especially because that's where my passion for language really began. Can't turn my back on it now...


  1. .

    I refuse to give up on eccentricity.

  2. I think I've already gone there myself (in some ways) so there's no turning back on that one.