Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth Month Rosary (Poem)

Because I don't feel much like blogging today, I'm doing it anyway. But you're just getting another poem: "Fourth Month Rosary," which was originally published in Irreantum 9.2/10.1 (even though I said I wouldn't be posting it here because it was published there first. So sue me). I just got the new issue of Irreantum in the mail yesterday, so I don't feel so about stealing some of their thunder.

(As a sidenote: Bruce W. Jorgensen has an essay in the issue titled "Reading About Sex in Mormon Fiction---If We Can Read," which I was excited to read. But he let me down and seemed kind of condescending, which was really disappointing in light of the conversations that have been taking place lately at AMV---here, here, and here---and earlier at Thutopia. But more on that in a later post.)


* * * *

Fourth Month Rosary

I’m spotting,
she says,

holding her underwear
so I can see

the crimson-brown

She hands them off,
asks, What

should I do
then turns,

my answer,

to call her OB. I
walk to the sink

and, hands

beneath a string
of water, wash

the soiled fabric
with prayers.

Originally published in Irreantum 9.2 (2007)/10.1 (2008).


  1. I remember reading this one before. I really like it. Captures the emotion just right.

    On a completely different note, my six year old just walked by and read the title of your blog and wants to know, "How do we do THAT?"

  2. .

    I remember this one also.

    And I'm pissed. I don't have my Dialogue yet and now you have your Irreantum? I need to kick some heads.

    I'm disappointed in Jorg. I wrote a whole post in response to an earlier article of his on the subject and I would expect him to be a couple steps ahead of me.

    Well. At least I won't have overhigh expectations now.

  3. Laura:

    I'm glad you like it. And tell your six-year-old, "Very carefully!" ;)

  4. Th.:

    Dude, that sucks! I'd be pissed, too. About 2 weeks before I got my Dialogue someone commented to me on FB that they enjoyed my review. I was kind of mad then; but it's been a bit now since I got that. You should definitely knock some heads.

    As for Jorg.: yeah, don't expect anything amazing.

  5. The votive elements are exactly right. It resonates on both a personal and an aesthetic level.