Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How could I forget?

I realized today that I've been negligent in my duty to promote Mormon letters, more specifically as they pertain to the latest issue of Irreantum, which, coincidentally contains three (well, technically, four) of my poems: "Two Poems on Fatherhood," "Watching the Sunrise in St. George, Utah," and "Fourth Month Rosary." Since I've already posted the first two here, I'll link to them, but I don't want to steal all of Irreantum's thunder, so I'm not going to post the last one (although I will post another of my recent poems for your consideration). If you're anxious to read "Fourth Month," you'll just have to purchase the latest double issue of the journal here.

Believe me, the price is worth paying.

On a side note--well, not really: in his brief AMV review of the short stories in this issue, William fawned over my poems. Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little...well, a lot. But he did say that he liked them. His exact words: "They’re approachable and real and funny." Such praise is a far cry from the reaction I got a few years ago from someone who shall remain anonymous: after reading a couple of my poems, s/he said, "Interesting."

Yeah, that's right.


And not even an explanation why. No feedback, no suggestions. Just interesting. Such a damning, deflating word, especially for a young poet. In fact, I still haven't gotten over it, although William's words have inflated my ego just a little bit.

I appreciate that, William.

As another (not really) side note: I'll be posting my review of the poetry in this issue (except for mine--you know, conflict of interest, and all) on AMV soon (unless one of my co-bloggers beats me to it). So check back at the beginning of the year and I'll direct you to it. (I know you're anxious, so I'll be sure to do it soon.)


  1. Hi Tyler,

    I wanted to say that after giving up on the fiction in this issue I skipped back to your poems and was very pleasantly surprised. I found your verse charming and competent and read the poems to my husband, who also liked them.

    I'll leave a similar note over on Wm's review; just wanted to swing over here and drop a couple lines of appreciation.

  2. That's very gracious of you, Patricia. And coming from you, competent and passionate wordsmith that you are, it means a lot.

    So, thanks for swinging by.