Monday, March 9, 2009

I Just Don't Feel Like Blogging (Svithe)

Truman Madsen suggests about prayer that "the Lord honors you when you level, when you stop praying from the neck up and begin praying from way inside, trusting the Spirit to take even the ineptitudes and translate them perfectly, trusting the Lord to know and daring even to voice those particular feelings about which you are most anxious and even guilty, including the prayer which [Heber C. Kimball] occasionally offered: 'Father in heaven, I just don't feel like praying.' That's an honest and powerful prayer. I recommend it."

Well, today I don't feel like blogging. All the same, I'm here and I hope the blogging deities will accept this svithery, however honest and powerful it might be (or not be---I guess that's the question, eh?).

I leave it to you.



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    That said, if Heber can pray it, so shall I.

  2. As long as it's honest, it counts, right?