Saturday, December 12, 2009

Didn't Expect That...

Last week when I posted "When Twilight Studies Meets Mormon Studies" on AMV, I didn't expect the conversation to extend past the day. But, as of last night, it's still going strong. Part of the continued discussion, I think, has to do with appearance of an AMV newbie who has asked some great questions. And AMV's community of readers has responded with great respect that's moved the discussion, at least this is how I see it, onto common rhetorical ground. It's been a great example for me of the possibilities of responsible, respectful dialogue between people of different backgrounds, different faiths.

On another note, it has also shown me the worth of discussing Twilight in terms of its cultural presence (worldwide: the commenter, Sharon, is from Australia) and its unique grounding in Meyer's Mormonism. Last night I stumbled upon a comment about the uselessness of such efforts on the Mormon Apologetic and Discussion Board. And, imagine this: my recent Dialogue review is at the center of the brief discussion. How fun for me.

I also stumbled across another brief discussion of my review at Caitlyn's "Book Scoop" Blog. This one is much more positive, however. It begins by positing a young woman, a BYU-I student, sitting at a table reading *gasp* Twilight. Then Caitlyn moves into discussing the "why" of the book's popularity, specifically within Mormon circles of young adults. And, imagine this (again): she uses something from my review for justification.

And one final note: A revised version of my review (and of the revision of that review, "Toward a Mormon Gothic") will be published in the forthcoming issue of Sunstone.

As if my ego needed more inflating, but...yes! Validation! My meager Twilight studies efforts aren't wholly useless. Someone's finding merit in them, despite the objections some have to serious study of such "minor" literature.