Thursday, October 29, 2009

If a Tree Falls in the Wilderness Interface Zone...

...will you hear about it while Chasing the Long White Cloud?

Well, today you will.

The poem I posted here last week, "On Stand of Trees (by J. Kirk Richards)," is making an appearance on WIZ today as part of "Poems of Biblical Proportions Week"---well, fortnight, really. (Follow that link for more info.) It takes it place beside work from some excellent poets and poetic prose artists: Mark Bennion (which reminds me: I still need to review his first collection, Psalm and Selah), Danny Nelson, Eric W Jepson (also known as Th.), Nani Lii S. Furse, William Morris (AMV's Benevolent Dictator), Patricia Karamesines (the heart behind WIZ), and Karen Kelsay (from the week before Poems of Biblical Proportions Week, but still; she's a great poet).

Now that I've dropped the link bomb, I think I'll leave you to contemplate the wonderful world of Mormon poetry. And more importantly, ask you to high-tail it over to WIZ for ver(s)ifiable fun.

Go on now.