Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Taste of Fruit at WIZ

Patricia's posted another of my poems, "Fruit," at Wilderness Interface Zone. Some facts about "Fruit":

1. It was the first poem I had published. Yay for me. Now a large part of my need to take poems public comes here. I should do something more with them, no?

2. The opening lines were drawn verbatim from an OB/GYN visit I went to with my wife after she'd been in a car accident (rear-ended by a high school girl who wasn't paying attention when my wife stopped at a school crossing). Trying to alleviate our concern over a damaged fetus, the doctor said: "She's like an apple in a water balloon." After I stopped chuckling and trying to figure out how I could possibly get an apple into a water balloon---you know, to prove her hypothesis---I felt better. That apple, now out of the balloon, is three point five years old.

3. Section two was inspired by a few hours spent picking apples on a cold day at my paternal grandparents.

4. The characters in section three were inspired by those same grandparents. Grandpa, a gardener and university-trained botanist, has since passed. Grandma is having a hard time with that.