Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Because I Think It's Funny

...and I wanted an easy post today after last week's heavy lifting.

I just came across this Axe Commercial (from 2007, I think) featuring a (slightly misinterpreted version of) a Mormon missionary. Though he's got no companion and the name tag's all wrong, Elder Spoof (I'm calling him) is pretty spot on, especially to anyone who's actually paid attention to the boy behind the suit: riding down the street like he's all that, showing off for the ladies (as 19-year-old Hormones are wont to do, even when they're wearing a suit, tie, and name badge), lugging around the trademark blue book, knocking doors in the middle of the day. In short, he's your (stereo)typical missionary. And an oh so funny commentary on certain idiosyncrasies of Mormon culture.