Friday, May 15, 2009

Awash in Memory

I've been craving a very specific type of music lately (and this may say more about me than I care to admit): '90s alternative of the Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots sort. And I couldn't figure out why until I got back from a short run this morning, during which I pounded the pavement to the tune of "In Bloom," "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "All Apologies," "Tonight, Tonight," "Landslide," "Cherub Rock," "Disarm," "Plush," "Interstate Love Song," "Vaseline," and "Creep."

As I ran into the garage, I realized that these were the songs I listened to through the glory days (yes, let's call them that) of my high school running life. They bring back memories of track meets and time spent cruising around in my buddy Carl's exhausty 1967 Mustang. So maybe I've been craving these songs because that exhaust made me a little high and liberated my imagination or maybe it's because I'm just an alternative music kind of guy. But that's where my roots were set and the music I listened to through those years has shaped what I like to listen to today. (Carl also turned me onto U2, which has in turn shaped my liking of Coldplay.)

So I'm just a bit nostalgic today thanks to Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan, and Scott Weiland. Either that, or I'm getting old and slow and am trying to recreate the conditions of life in my prime in hopes that it will help me run faster (I've been feeling rather slow lately).

Or maybe it's both. Or neither and I'm psychoanalyzing myself just a bit too much.

Take it however you will.