Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reading Until Dawn: The Blog

In connection with the work I've been (or not been) doing to get Reading Until Dawn off the ground, I've launched Reading Until Dawn: The Blog as a forum through which I can offer updates, take care of housekeeping issues, and develop a webliography of resources on Stephenie Meyer and her work (a useful tool, I think, for those interested in further study---BTW: know of any links to interesting info on Meyer? Submit them to me on the blog).

Come check us out and work up a paper for the anthology.

C'mon, do it...I know you want to. ;)


  1. Your offers are ever more enticing, Tyler. I have not yet read Meyer, but I get closer all the time. I'm resisting for a couple of reasons that I don't want to bore you with, but one argument in favor of taking up these books is the ability to participate in your project. What's a man to do? Oh well. We'll see how I end up, I guess.

  2. Go ahead and take the plunge, my friend: read the first book if only to formulate something for this monumental *uhm-hmm* undertaking. Or watch the movie and write-up something insightful (from your always insightful Mormon perspective) on that; I know cinema's your cup-o-tea and I haven't received any news on whether or not anyone's writing on that yet. And who knows, if your paper's one of the best I get (not that I would expect anything else from you!), you might get the opportunity to be published in Sunstone.

    No pressure though...


  3. I think I'll wait for it on DVD, and then write you a something-or-other. That fits my budget and schedule a lot better than any other option at the moment.

    I love having this out, by the way. I could never get away with it in school, but now it's perfectly legitimate to say "Read the book? Nah, I'll just watch the movie!"

  4. Perfectly legitimate reasoning, Adam. I completely understand budget and time restraints...completely.

  5. For the record, I never tried to get away with that in school. I was much too, um, conscientious. Or something.