Friday, September 12, 2008

Tires, anyone?

On my commute the other day, just before the turn-off to Devil Creek Reservoir, I saw these huge tires rolling up the road. Wanting to preserve the moment for my posterity--okay, okay; I thought they'd be a cool blog post--I slowed to about 40 mph (don't worry, there were no other cars within 20 miles), whipped out my phone, and took a picture (bug guts on the windshield and everything).

In this crop, you can see how far they hang over the trailer bed and the comparatively small straps holding them on. (For truth in the advertising, the sign should really read, "OVERSIZE LOAD held down by teeny tiny straps".) Realizing that I was placing myself in mortal danger by taking this picture (that's right, you'd better enjoy them for the risk I took!), I put the camera down, zipped past him, and lived long enough to blog about it.

Now my life is complete and I can die a happy man.

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