Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For My Infant Daughter/Por mi hija infante

I wrote this poem after our second was born (she's five now) and pulled it out earlier this semester for an exercise in translation. (Yes, I'm learning Spanish.) I'm posting both versions today as part of One Shot Wednesday, a communal writing event sponsored by One Stop Poetry.

Feedback welcome.

* * * * *

For My Infant Daughter

Ignorant narcissus,
wide-eyed at time's well:

When will knowledge
eclipse your innocence

and cover your laughter
with the pain of love?

* * * * *

Por mi hija infante

Narciso ignorante,
los ojos anchos antes

del tiempo pazo, ¿cuándo
eclipsarán el conocimiento

tu inocencia
y cubrir tu risa

con el dolor de amor?