Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something New

All of the poetry I've been reading lately in my scholarly and personal activities has turned me back to my own writing. What follows is an unlineated poem that sparked an idea for a new sequence of poems with really long, explanatory titles.

So, here goes:

* * * * *

Upon Learning, at Thirty-one, that My Astrological Sign Had Been Changed from Sagittarius to Ophiuchus,

I split my tongue taste-testing the serpent bearer's anapest, clave desire tongue-tracing the equinoctial groove: linea negra long as the tracks on God's favorite L.P.: the adagios he composed and recorded while an intern in his dad's studio, the ones he still plays as he paints, flings timbral aeons to the infinite corners of his canvas while he dances at the infinite edge—a slow breaking two-step, his body long and low in divination's groove, flesh folded into movement folded into universe folded into the technique he picked up from Pollock when the artist came upstate for a show and gifted the Creator his latest meditation, its fractals spinning out and out till they shed the ground like so much paint and God knit them into desire to clothe this uncertainty of a universe, to graft into the stories I recite as I wait to shed this womb and slip into the serpent's sidereal skin.