Monday, February 28, 2011

Litany, with Wings

Here's another of my meditations on J. Kirk Richards' work. This time, however, I've thrown some Herbert in just to mix things up.

It's still in progress, so any feedback is welcome.

* * * * *

Litany, with Wings
(After winged figures by George Herbert and J. Kirk Richards)

With Thee, O, let me rise, let me combine. O, let me imp my wings on thine. Let me slip across your lesser coverts like the lift that slips you into sky. Let me hitch on that lift up Jacob's ladder. Let me spoon with your slipstream beneath the atmosphere's sheets. Let me tease plumes of light from the altar of your skin. Let those plumes purl like incense. Let us purl like incense into God's sanctuary. Let's sear the soul's tabernacle. Let desire rise like leaven. Let our verbs rise like leaven. Let our flesh braze and sweeten on God's flaming tongue. Let's allelu this sacrament of flesh. Let's savor the body's carnival. Let's masquerade singular as Legion. Let's pronoun singular as God.