Thursday, August 12, 2010

Self portrait with closed eyes (Audio)

Because I'm convinced more and more that poetry is most fully expressed and experienced orally/aurally, I've been looking for a way to post readings of my poems here along with the words, y'know, for your reading pleasure (or some such). After getting serious about this belief this week (it's been a nag in my mind for a while now), I found a free, open-source process that will work (for now). (Obligatory head nod to the folks at Audacity and The Internet Archive.)

Now don't hold me to this (especially considering my blogging track record during 2010), but I'd like to exhume my poetry archives in the coming months (year?) and post readings of the poems I've already posted. I'll also try to include audio with the poems/poems-in-process I post in the hope that doing so will enhance your reading experience, giving you more pleasure in and through my texts.

So, here goes take one (after those annoying test posts I flung into your readers trying to figure this out!): "This is me reading "Self portrait with closed eyes" (and a link to the poem in case you'd like to read along). [Added 8/13/2010: you can either listen by following the link or using the embedded player.]