Saturday, February 20, 2010

Egoist that I Am; or My Life in Three Twilight Links

I occasionally Google myself to find out it if anything I've written has made it beyond my diminutive rhetorical garden. Mostly I get circled back to Chasing or A Motley Vision, but sometimes I find that someone has responded to something I've written. And then I think I'm really cool a few minutes before I realize that I'm really not.

Yesterday I put myself at the mercy of Google Search and found a couple of interesting links, both relating to my "Where Twilight Studies Meets Mormon Studies" post at AMV.

One from Bookish Blather (a review of Spotlight by John Granger, in which I am labeled "an actual Mormon"; and how cool is that, huh?).

And one from Green Flame (a collection of links on religion and vampires).

Earlier this week, I also mentioned that a revised version of the Twilight paper I wrote last year is being published in Sunstone Magazine, but I've also been invited to give a short presentation related to the paper at the magazine's launch party for their "Twilight and Mormonism" issue (in which both Eric [a.k.a., Th.] and I appear). So if you're in Salt Lake Friday, February 26, come join the fun. Oh, and listen to me stumble through a short presentation. But mostly, just come join the Twilight-induced fun.