Saturday, February 27, 2010

AML Session: Patricia Karamesines

Patricia Karamesines: “When is a Platonic Friendship Not Platonic? Husbands, Wives, and Significant Others in Shannon Hale's The Actor and the Housewife

(Got here late: missed her opening.)

Uses Hale's text to explore trans-gender relationships. Friendships that cross gender boundaries.

Becky making ripples through her community. And thriving because of it. Acting hero's role of crossing established boundaries. That she's open about it forces others to question such limits, to shake off rhetorical limits.

Becky: being forced to find new words to explain her experience. Invoking rhetorical power of puns, metaphors in order to negotiate space b/w the pair for the existence of the relationship.

Expanding previous experience to make such space. Taking up language to change the world. Novel taking a good run at confronting the lack of lang. for such relationships as those b/w the actor and the housewife.

How to deal with the discomfort the lack of lang. for such experiences?

Thus we see, that through the actor and the housewife, some men and some women can work through the intricate complexities of attraction and build space in their lives for the intimacies of "platonic love," whatever that means—

(Notes taken during the session.)

(Product placement: The Fob Bible, courtesy of Eric and MoJo of Peculiar Pages Press and B10 Mediaworx.)

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