Saturday, February 27, 2010

AML Presidential Adress: Boyd Peterson

Boyd Petersen: presidential address

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One last motivator for donating to AML: Boyd and Eric contemplated doing AML shirtless, beefcake calendar.

Conf. Title: Mormon Literature: Past, Present, and Future

Do I really want to live my life over and over?

Recursion fairly common literary device. Moves through various examples: Harry Potter, Kurt Vonnegut, Star Trek movie, Groundhog's Day. What if there is no tomorrow? Phil Connors asks. Finally uses the recursion to better himself, the world.

What might a Mormon Groundhog's Day look light? What might it look like for God? And how does He feel about it?

Endless repetitons in Mormon lit:

Anti-Mormon tracts: derivative, banal, stock, cliched.

Didactic literature: suffers from much of the same. XR Eugene England's "Danger on the Left, Danger on the Right. Anthologies he discusses fail due to vein repetitons. Away with sterotyped Mormons!

Mormon writers must dedicate selves to devloping talents and must be charitable.

As do this, leave cycle of mundane repetition, enter eternal repetitons.

Renaissance coming from "spooky place" of radical middle: new themes, issues being explored. BP wants to celebrate these movements.

"Given God's love, there's no boredom" in what he does round after eternal round: Neal A Maxwell.

(Notes taken during Boyd's address.)

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