Monday, July 27, 2009

On Potty Training, Tooth Fairies, and Hunting Ducks

Since my last post on this topic a month ago, I'm happy to report that we've only had a limited amount of sans potty water making (I think I can count the incidents on one hand, though I'm still knocking on wood. Hear that?) and she's been doing excellent at night: we still put a pull-up on her, you know, just in case, but she wakes up with it dry every morning.

Now if only we could convince her there are no tiny monsters living on or near the lamp in their bedroom (don't know where that idea came from) maybe she'd sleep through the night and we'd have fewer things to keep us up at night.

On a similar note, Number One had a repeat night visitor a couple of weeks ago when she lost her first two teeth, the second just days after the first. The first night she said she felt T.F. walk across her pillow and trade the tooth for moolah. Luckily, she didn't wake up because, well, she may have discovered that T.F. is a bit bigger than she expects and doesn't really look like this pic. Oh and that, in this case, she isn't exactly a she.

And on a final note: Number Three's taken to hunting ducks---of the Usborne kind, that is. Grandma gave them all The Usborne Book of Fairy Tales and she discovered the joy of the hunt. I think she could spend hours turning the pages, pointing to hidden water fowl, yelling, "Mom! Ducky!" Who says kids don't have much of an attention span?

Ah, the endless wonders of toilets, teeth, and ducks.