Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes! I'm a winner!

I mean, did you doubt it?

Last week, I posted about two poems that are being published in Black Rock & Sage. Tuesday, I was notified that another of my poems, "Submerged: Two Variations on Serrano's Piss Christ," is also being published by BRS and that it will be featured on the cover (whatever that means). And yesterday, the same editor informed me that I'm the winner of this year's Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize (which I thought was just for undergrads, but I'm not saying anything, especially since the bio I sent with the poems tells them I'm a doctoral student).

So, while I'm excited about publication and the prize, I'm waiting for them to tell me there's been a mistake.

Then I can cry.

But until then, at least I'm a winner for a while!