Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Reader's Eye View of Field Notes on Language and Kinship

Yesterday morning, the day after a box full of Field Notes paperbacks arrived on my doorstep, I pulled out my phone and shot a "tour" of the book from my perspective. For some reason the audio cut out at the very end, but I think you'll get the gist. I'll make another tour when my limited edition arrives, so you have that to look forward to; I know I'm excited to hold it in my hands.

There's more about the video and some links and stuff on the video's YouTube page.

Happy watching.


  1. .

    Nice. Excited to dive in. Looks very accessible.

    Say....I don't suppose your university would pay for you to fly here, would it? The Berkeley Institute is doing their Mormon Arts class again and last time's lecturer was . . . not as good as you would be.

    I won't hold my breath, but it would be pretty great.

    1. I'd love to come, but I don't know if I could pull it off. Shoot me the info, though, and I'll see if there's a chance.